Victory is Mine!

Today's the DAY
4 months ago I said YES 👍 and
I gave myself the gift of HEALTH💖 & vitality💥
I have released:
5" off my Chest
5" off my Diaphragm
5.5" off my Waist
7" off my Abdomen
4.5" off my Derriere
5" off my Thighs
I feel amazing, and the best part is, I know this is just the beginning of the benefits that my future has in store for me 💞
I'm looking forward to the next 16 weeks....
Bring it. I'm ready 😎

 *Addendum–For anyone visual that appreciates exact same poses in order to see results, here is an updated photo showing my results from the first 11 days of my program.

 "I marked the dates on these so you can easily see the transformation in the same poses at an early onset. This is what 11 days did for me. I am not trying to get anyone to commit to anything other than themselves, their health, and enjoyment of life. I am merely sharing my progress which is embarrassing to say the least…lol. If anyone wants to know what healthy weight-loss looks like…Here I am!!
I feel amazing. I have energy that I haven’t had in ten years. I did chemo for 3 years that wreaked havoc on my entire body and thyroid. It has taken me 4 months of commitment to myself, to detox the heavy metals in my body and achieve this goal. I am happy and proud." (Facebook response quote)
 Wishing you all a very blessed Thursday……Melissa xo

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