Fearless isn't always what we think....

~Fear impedes comfort and the ability to understand and accept;  Lay fear aside and risk the possibility of discomfort, for only then can true emotional growth and healing occur ~
The best is yet to be.......
A great number of us dodge the pain in any way possible; unwilling to experience the discomfort that comes along with heartache and disappointment.  Some may say that a person with pain is a coward, or sissy, too weak to be brave and strong.
I call BS on that!  It takes a great deal of courage to face the harsh realities of our raw and true emotions.
I often need to remind myself to be brave and fearless enough to face the music; shed the tears.....purge the pent up negative energies, making room for better days ahead!
Life is about balance and choices.  With each passing day, you're a survivor.  Be proud, oh fearless one xo

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