Why 'Perfexion in Motion'?

Why have I chosen the heading 'Perfexion in Motion'?

Well, it's like this.

Society teaches us that we're not perfect beings.  We are not to want more, but be grateful and settle for what we have already been blessed (or not) with.  Be humble--not perfect.  I'm not buying into this.

As time goes by, and my wonder and wisdom grows, I am learning that we imperfect humans need to not only pursue our dreams, but LIVE THEM in the NOW.

What does that mean?

It means, envision what you want to be--and BE thatBE YOU❗❗

Dream Big.  Think positively.  Yes, be grateful, and keep doing it, day after day.

Accept yourself for who you are, and never stop striving for more.  Over the last while I have made the acquaintance of many wealthy and successful people and they all say the same thing.  Create your vision board.  Envision the lifestyle of always having what you need, never worrying about financial setbacks, stay positive and focused on that, and only that!  Live in an abundant mindset.

If we put up boundaries or limits, we will be putting ourselves into a box and labeling ourselves as 'done'.  Nothing more to achieve here--and the positive powers of the Universe will go on and skip over you.  I know it sounds hokey, but I believe that it's true. (and it's my blog so I give myself those bragging rights..ha!)

I used to be the 'grateful girl'.  Once upon a time, I had great dreams for myself, but figured that living in reality was more---well, real.  I didn't want to appear selfish, or ungrateful for what I already had.  So here's what happened.  NOTHING.

Then one day I had a friend tell me about The Secret--which is all about positive energies attracting positive energies.   Put out the positive vibrations, and you shall be rewarded.  I, of course, was a skeptic, but always kept it at the back of my mind and being the curious sort, I decided to give some time to researching this phenomenon.

Like a lot of people, I had some bad luck come my way, and found myself unemployed, surrounded by negativity and hopelessness.  I wallowed in self-pity for a day or two, then remembered The Secret.  I got up, dried my tears, dusted myself off, and began telling people that I was leaving the province and heading west.  Everybody laughed...and basically said....."ya, ok.....send me a post card when you get there, good luck with that", and of course they all thought I was going nowhere and would stay stuck in that place like so many others do.

I had no idea how I was going to make it happen, but that's also part of The Secret.  Don't plan it--just keep focusing on positive outcomes and it will manifest itself into existence.

I pushed away the doubt that kept creeping into my brain, ignored the negative thoughts-people-etc, and kept envisioning myself in a far away land, free to be me, and surrounded with prosperity.
One of my fave photos from Fort McMurray, AB.
Skip ahead.  It happened.  NO amount of planning made this happen.  I did my stint in Fort Mac, AB--survived the infamous wildfire, and now I am living my dream in Northern BC.

Anyway, long story short---be positive, dream big, don't worry about the negativity that inevitably surrounds us all, and allow yourself to accept that you're perfect, just the way you are.

Who wants to be original?  Not this girl.  Hence, (phonics at play here) Perfexion in Motion. 

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