NOT Another Manic Monday!

Today I am beginning a workshop about dealing with Anxiety. It's something a lot of us struggle with, but can't always put into words, especially if we're surrounded by people that don't understand, or won't admit they have it too! 

I have tried therapy (several times), but the ONE therapist that I really connected with ended up moving away and his replacements just didn't cut it. I then found myself a wonderful therapist that would go above and beyond, and she helped me a lot, but life stuff got in the way--as it inevitably does--and long story short, I had to go away to seek employment and the snowball, ripple effect kicked in and here I am....ready to start fresh again today!!

Never give up  Sometimes we have to remove ourselves from our negative and toxic surroundings in order to realize that maybe we weren't the problem afterall. Sometimes we have to take a long hard look at ourselves and realize that maybe we are contributing to the hardships by not knowing how to effectively deal with stressors.

Essentially the causes are not the most important factor. Learning how to recognize and move beyond it is key!!
To those of you that are also struggling--you're not alone.
Wishing you all a peaceful Monday 

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