Who Am I?

Hi y'all.....welcome to my website!

Here's a l'il about me:

I'm on a mission to create a chemical-free 🚫 living space and hope to inspire others to join me in this quest!

I have fur-babies, and with that loving responsibility comes--FUR--and sometimes lots of it--Norwex & Young Living to the rescue!  I also raised 4 sons, and as an avid gardener, I am no stranger to grime.

SkittyKitty (RIP)

Luna Tic

I am currently residing in Northern British Columbia, enjoying the great outdoors!
 Where to find me when I am not out exploring and rock-picking? My kitchen!!--one of my sacred places.  I love cooking, baking, and creating all sorts of organic goodies whenever the spirit moves me.
 My health is incredibly important to me which is why I am also an advocate and associate for Isagenix (I'll be blogging about this too!)
I have a passion for Young Living and am currently learning about the various uses of essential oils, aromatherapy, and how to incorporate them into my daily routine!  I will be blogging and sharing what I learn and I hope it inspires you to give it a try!

I'm also a semi-retired hairstylist and barber, so non-toxic scalp, hair, and skincare is also very important to me.  MONAT to the rescue!
 In my spare time, I enjoy reading 📖, writing ✍, and photography 📷 --as you can see in the photos above!

I'm a very busy solopreneur with a passion to 💥 motivate others to fulfill their healthiest lifestyle dreams 🌩!!

I have other blogs and if you'd like to check them out, here I am!
Spirit of Nimikii Design Studio -- Handcrafted beaded moccasins, and more!

That about sums me up in a nut 🥜 shell!

Wishing you all a lifetime of peace ☮, love 💖, health 💪, and prosperity 💰!

Thank you for visiting my page...go hug a tree 🌳🌴🌲 xo

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