Achievable Goals WILL be yours - if you follow these steps

New year......New you.

So many of us begin a new year with good intentions, and weight-loss goals.  Nothing wrong with that,  but what if I told you that tweaking your goal just a tiny, wee bit, can make it that much more achievable?!

Taking our BIG goals, and changing the wording to break it down into a smaller micro-goal, can often assist us in making our goals achievable.

We can take that one step further, and have it become a HEALTHY HABIT, which we will benefit from as we work towards our (sometimes overlooked) goal of a successful, (much needed) lifestyle change.

Despite the many attempts at achieving my weight-loss targets, I was losing sight of what the ultimate goal should have been ---- and that is HEALTH

What I really need, and subliminally desire, is an easily MAINTAINABLE, HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

A life without chronic pain.  A life filled with endless energy, consistent nutrition day-to-day, the ability to sleep, focus, and live my life with clarity, fulfillment, and joy.

"The past 6 months have been incredible.  The nutrition part was EASY.  The rest required energy, focus, and clarity, and luckily my nutrition program provided me with all of that, so I am currently achieving my goals.  I now live a very fulfilling life and it's getting better with each passing day." - Me ☺


  •  Lose weight.
  • Gain energy.
  • Feel less pain.
  • Achieve joy and fulfillment.
  • Live a quality life.

So that looks good, right?  But where's the plan?  Where's the mini-steps required to make these goals achievable, and become a healthy, sustainable, lifelong habit?

Look at your goals and ask yourself how you intend to accomplish this?  Where should you start?  My suggestion is for you to begin with setting some micro-goals.


Micro-goals look something like this:

  • Research healthy eating plans.
  • Make a list of foods that I currently enjoy.
  • Make a list of foods that I know I should not consume.
  • Make a list of why I should not eat those foods.
  • Plant seeds in my brain that will feed my healthy desires.
  • Read, write, and recite daily affirmations - I am healthy.  I am healed.  I am worthy.  I am deserving.  I am valuable.  I am smart.  I am strong.  I possess courage.  I can overcome anything that I set my mind to.  I am love.  I am peace.  I have great loving friends.  Etc.... (Those are samples of mine.)
  • Do whatever it takes to convince myself that I am on the right path, for the right reasons.
  • Begin writing a journal of what I want my future to look like.
  • Save photos of things that provide tangible value in my life.
  • Make a list of items that I DO NOT need (to spent money on) in order to sustain my goals of HEALTH.
  • Begin to heal my mind and soul, before & during, my goals of healing my body.  A healthy mind is that much more capable of sticking to a goal and forming a new, life-long habit.

I have a long list, but those are the main ideas and necessary thought-processes that will assist you in making this a successful, achievable lifestyle goal.

What are you willing to compromise on, or sacrifice, in order to achieve this goal?
How bad do you want it?

Break that down to something you wanted in the past, and what did you do in order to achieve it?
For instance, a house, or a car......

Another example -
Car & or House shopping. 
Price range.  What can I afford?  What am I willing to spend?
Details of what you are looking for.
What you will and won't compromise on. (Kitchen island may be something you want, isn't an option in the house you can afford, but has everything else you are looking for, vs using a large dining table for work space instead).
How did you fit this into your budget?  What did you STOP spending money on, in order to make those car and house payments?

It's all about breaking down your goals into questions and categories, and seeking tangible answers.

If weight-loss is your goal - perhaps focus on health instead?
What does my body require for maximum performance each day?
How can I give my body what it requires in the cleanest form...and if it's something you REALLY really will you make it fit into your budget?

 I can assure you that if health becomes your goal, the weight-loss goal will naturally become a reality so long as you go through and follow the micro-goals.  Yes, it's a process, not a winning lotto ticket. 

Success doesn't just fall into your lap.  You have to see it, want it, plan it, then get your butt in motion and achieve it!!

Let's get healthy together xo
Melissa Dawn Hiller ~ FB


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