Cranberry-Lemon Strawberry Shake & Why you should get more Cranberries into your life!

Lately I have been extremely focused on using FOOD as MEDICINE.  This has led to a lot of reading, researching, note-taking, and using my intuition to decide what to pair together.

Today I came up with this shake recipe, and's amazing!!  You really should try this!!

Cold tea - this one's Chaga (so good for you!!)
2 scoops of Strawberry Cream IsaLean
1 scoop of Ionix® Supreme
1 scoop of Isagenix Fruits™
1/4 cup of frozen organic cranberries (I buy them fresh, toss them in the freeze as is)
1 teaspoon of organic lemon extract

Blend for about 20 seconds.....and enjoy!!

 Cranberries - an amazing SUPERFOOD!
  • UTI - Provides a profound antiseptic role in healing urinary tract infections
  • Yeast - Fights against yeast in the body
  • Streptococcus - Cranberries have the ability to fight Streptococcus bacteria (which most of the time is behind those previous mentioned conditions)
  • Gallbladder - Cranberries are one of the ultimate foods for reversing gallbladder disease by dissolving the stones.
  • Liver - Provides powerful liver cleansing capabilities!
  • Kidney Stones - Helps them to pass
  • Ear Wax - Dislodges ear wax, restoring hearing.
  • Antioxidant - Anthocyanins which are excellent for detoxing your system
  • Cardiovascular Disease - & Arteriosclerosis, cranberries help heal.
  • Women's Health Issues - Destroys toxic hormones that are responsible for so many women's health conditions
  • Radiation - Cranberries help draw radiation out of your body (think microwaves, wifi, cell phone signals, irradiated foods - more about that here, etc)
  • Amino Acids - in cranberries protect connective tissues
  • Enzymes - in cranberries detoxify your organs
  • More than 50 Trace Minerals - in cranberries, to address deficiencies that you may not even know that you have!
  • 🚫 Bacteria, viruses, & other nasties - Cranberries can halt the growth in your body
  • Stress Relief - Cranberries can provide potent stress assistance during your times of need.
  • Weight-loss - Aids in weight-loss!
Cranberries - get them into ya!

Melissa Dawn Hiller
#perfexioninmotion on FB 
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