Mediocrity....I'm not down with it.

Conformity is a gross misuse of energy. I struggle with it.
I'm aware that not everyone is comfortable with public honesty or self-confidence, and that's ok. It's not always easy.
Every time that I make a choice to post can be nerve-wracking. "what if somebody says something mean or rude?" "What if nobody cares?" "What if....what if...what if....."......
Then I take a deep breath and remember all of those unexpected messages that come to me privately, thanking me for being me, and for putting myself out there, making them feel less alone.
.....and then I think about the others, like me, that share their pics and stories, (sometimes painful and less attractive than you'd personally be comfortable with sharing about your own life), and I admire their strength, courage, and ability to share their sacred stories for it helps me to feel less alone.
So those of you that don't have it in you to be understanding and reach out....that's ok!! What's not ok is when you judge and lash out. It's unkind to post juvenile memes that make fun of others that are making a difference in somebody's life. Maybe not your life....but somebody out there finds great value in the sharing of hearts and passions.
If huge life changes were easy, everyone would be a superhero. Everyone would be happy, confident, and secure in their own skin. It's not easy to try something new, or reach out for support during your struggles.
My message tonight is...unless you're flawless.....BE KIND.
It costs nothing to share a kind word. If you know you've done wrong....apologize. We all have our battle wounds, and on-going struggles. It's a difficult world at times, so let's just make a pact to smile....and pass it on Your kindness could be that one lifesaving gift that could change a person's sorrow, into joy.
Melissa Dawn Roy-Hiller
Melissa D Roy xo

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