Last night, at the end of my day, I went to my room to relax and again, the thoughts were swirling around. I sat in front of the camera for several minutes, hesitating--but then decided to just get outside my comfort zone and post a video, instead of a blog.

I had some ideas of what I wanted to say, but not a script in front of me. It isn't meant to be an infommercial with all sorts of accurate facts, figures, and descriptions---but rather just an explanation of what I am up to, and WHY?!

So I hope you'll bear with me and give it a viewing. If nothing else, you'll have a glimpse at the person behind the words you read here.

Was it uncomfortable and awkward? You betcha it was!! I was feeling itchy and unsettled, and wanted to turn it off and give up--but I'm not a quitter, so here I am.

I really do approach these blogs and posts with my whole heart. Everything in life is about choices, but if we don't know what we're choosing between, how can we be held responsible for the choices we ignorantly made? Knowledge is key--and we all deserve the right to make an educated decision.

I care not only for myself, but for every single one of you out there in this vast universe. We are all here for 'whatever' reason, and I feel that it is my true calling to help you figure some things out that'll assist you in living your best life possible.

I could go on and on, but my video says it all---raw and uncut....not as eloquently as the written word but it's real, and it's true....and it's a wee bit lengthy.  Sorry, just had a lot on my mind that I wanted to share!! 😘 

For more information about the wonderful companies and products that I adore and feel I 'can't live without', check out my links and feel free to leave me a message and I will get back to you.  I am located in Canada, but am able to provide assistance to those of you in other countries as well.  Perks of the internet....yay!!  Membership has it's benefits, and it costs nothing to take a peek or ask questions!! 

Wishing you all a very blessed and peaceful day 💖
Namaste xo

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