Just. Keep. Pushing.

First photo: January 14, 2017.
Second photo: November 24, 2017.
10 months apart.
Bottom left: July 13. Bottom right: Nov 24
Still some redness, but getting so much better!!!

That is what stress and inflammation looks like. 19 weeks later, my skin is clearing up from detoxing. 
💖 Thank you Ionix™ & Cleanse For Life™
You've given me my life back 😘

It's never easy to share these. I'm feeling so much better....can't even put it into words.

When I arrived out here in BC the first of July, I was seriously frazzled to say the least. I had just spent 14 months of my life in limbo following the Fort Mac evacuation, watched my Dad (Bob) pass away after doing everything that I could to help him heal following his bladder removal surgery, had 5 horrific court appearances to deal with, lost everything I owned - and I do mean everything - following a home invasion that I wasn't able to prevent, and for safety and sanity reasons decided to leave (what was left of) my house, and teenage sons behind, so I could try to salvage what was left of my soul.

There's so much more that I could say.....but I'll share that on my other blog.

So here I am....almost 4 thousand km's away, missing my children like you wouldn't believe, and praying that one day they will forgive me and try to understand what has happened.

My goal now - in the coming weeks - is to spend time focusing on some real soul cleansing so I can completely de-stress and detox the nasty nerves and thinking pains away, and gain some much needed clarity and exuberance to get me through what remains of my time here on Earth.

I attended a couple of massage/therapy sessions this week, and oh boy.....let the healing and transformation begin!! No more dodging the memories.....no more pushing down the heartache. No more fear of what's to come. It's time to get real and de-clutter this haunted mind of mine.

I'm learning a lot about ways to tackle these issues and so far so good!! I truly do believe that this is going to be the answer to my prayers   It's truly amazing how healing life can be when you're no longer in survival mode.  I've had almost 5 months to get settled here and the last 6-8 weeks have been much more relaxing and peaceful.

Anywhoooo, you know me....I'll be blogging this in the days and weeks to come! Until then.....keep it real....and thanks for the unconditional love!
Melissa Dawn Roy-Hiller xo

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