I'm ready to milk my nuts....Are you?

I'm working on a new goal ~ to make my own nut milks! Why? Do I hate dairy? Well NO...I love dairy.....in very limited moderation!

The problem being that everything available to us in the stores, organic or not, has been pasteurized, homogenized, and processed beyond the point of having the health benefits that I am looking for. Dead enzymes do not appeal to me. Cow estrogen and antibiotics in 'standard NON organic' dairy doesn't either! Lady cows are given injections of hormones to keep their supply of milk up. These hormones are then passed onto us, and our offspring that also ingest it.

Also--now this is where things get really gross--a cow's 🐮 teats that are under the consistent strain of being milked, can become irritated, raw, and infected. (Nursing moms know how this can feel!) Antibiotics are pumped into the cows to prevent pus from accumulating into our milk supply, and is also a reason why they heat pasteurize it, to kill whatever may have been transferred in the process.

So this brings me to organic coconut milk and almond milk.

Organic = no toxic chemicals
DIY means no extra additives which are required to keep nut milk safe in the refrigeration area, and shelving of your local supermarkets.

It's easy....so they say! I'll be giving it a try real soon and I'll let you know how it goes!

The added bonus? Dry out your milked nuts and process into a nut flour/meal to be used in your baking or skincare products! Now that's something I can really wrap my nuts around.

💥The more I learn, the less I can ignore. Free will.....I'm choosing, and using! Will you?

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Melissa Dawn Hiller xo

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