The Truth About Pet Cancer - Part 1

My Fur Family - Rainbow, Luna, SkittyKitty, & DoomKitty

This evening I finally took the time to lay some stuff aside, and devote my time to watching these videos. I've learned a lot, and am incredibly grateful that opposing views are given an opportunity to speak out and share their findings with us.

In this first video, you will learn the history of cancer and it's current conventional treatments from various medical professionals. What you'll see here will be thought provoking, and may even shock or irritate you to think that we've been trusting modern medicine to provide what's best.

One of the things that they discuss somewhat in-depth are called 'mitochondria'. Because I am a curious nerd, I did a bit of research for myself, and I hope it will help you to understand why these mitochondria are so vitally important to our health.

I feel it necessary to say--please don't beat yourself up or blame yourself if your pet is diagnosed with cancer. Just remember......We don't know, what we don't know.....AND 💥 Prevention and healing are just as important as the treatment plan!

Now that our eyes have been opened, let's consider that making some changes to our lifestyle can make all the difference for not only our pets🐶😺, but all of our loved ones.

Please.....I urge you.......take the time to view this, and share if you care.
Melissa Dawn Hiller - Perfexion in Motion (Facebook)

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