Do you live your life with passion?

When I was a little girl, I used to look around me and watch the world go by.  I used to wonder....'why do people do what they do?'.  I was always such a curious sort........

As the years passed by, I'd share my goals with others and sometimes the feedback was rather unexpected.
"Oh don't do won't make any money."  "There's no money in that...choose something else."   "Be a nurse, or a teacher."
My response was always the same....."I don't want to be (that)....and I don't care if there's no money in it...I just want to be happy and enjoy what I do."

While we must at times perform duties and take jobs that are unfulfilling in order to pay the bills, our souls become sad.  We become tired, lose our energy and focus, and get caught in a rut of the same old, same hamsters running on a wheel.  We sometimes lose our hope in receiving something better.

Do you truly love your job...or your life?? 
Are you incredibly happy and fulfilled with what you do for several hours per day??

Do you dream of living your most authentic life, doing what you love?  Loving what you do ?

I have come to believe in the Power of the Universe, and it's ability to bring you what you desire, so long as you focus on that dream or goal, and remain steadfast and positive in your pursuits.

Positive attracts positive......and if you don't believe me, when was the last time you wanted to join a group of angry, irritated, negative people while you were out looking for a good time⁉

This isn't a post about solutions, but I may be able to help you to figure it out---it's just a little food for thought ❤  When we know what we love, we are one step closer in realizing those dreams.

Today I sit, pouring my heart and soul into my research, focusing on world health, knowing it's a key factor in achieving happiness.😍

Let's get healthy together ❤

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