Berry-Cherry Ninja Blast!

  I admit it--I'm one of those people that dreads 🚫 eating in the morning.  I used to drag my butt 😴 out of bed πŸ›, fumble for a cup or 2 of coffee ☕, and then maybe, just maybe, I'd feel like eating something.  So much for breaking the fast, huh?

So when I heard about Isagenix, I knew it was something that could help me to get my nourishment, and start my days off right!  

To be honest, weight-loss has always been a struggle, but health was my main concern.  I made up my mind to drink these shakes for my health and well-being.  Being the skeptic that I am, I figured if weight-loss did occur, it would be the cat's πŸ™€ patooty🐈←--but again, not my main goal here!

Skip ahead;  I safely relocated, arrived feeling like I'd been dragged through a knot hole backwards (πŸ’©), and placed that order that has changed my life forever!  I opted for the 'go big or go home, more bang for your buck' Value Pak which provided me with everything a busy box unpacking get my life settled again woman could need.  I had no groceries--no kitchen set up--and knew I'd be needing those shakes and bars for who knows how long.  (I hate shopping--like I mean...I HATE SHOPPING).  Home food delivery has changed my life!!

So this brings me to today's feature--one of my favourite recipes, that makes me feel like a kick-boxing ninja!

Today's stars of the show:

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